Replacement Slings We Do Not Make Or That We Do Not Recomend For Do-it-yourself Projects 


Slings With Horizontal Back Spline


We do not make slings for chairs with spline that runs horizontal as opposed to vertical. These chairs typically have a curved top and tapered seat bottom. These chairs have proven to be complicated both in the manufacturing and installation process. We have also found that there is no standard sizing with these types of chairs and getting them properly the first time is next to impossible. No two chairs are the same! Most of these chairs were purchased at "big box" stores and can typically be replaced for less than the cost of repairs. Do not send us an old sling to use as a pattern. This does not work either. We suggest that you do not invest the time or money in repairing this type of furniture. We've learned the hard way here at our Dallas sling installation facility. Please take our advice. These chairs are VERY difficult to repair. Here are a few pictures of chairs styles for reference.


Replacement Slings we do not make

Welded Stabilizer Bars At The Back Of The Frame


While the majority of replacement slings can be installed by the customer, there are a few that we strongly recommend you NOT try to install. Some chairs and chaise lounges have welded stabilizer bars at the back of the frame that give the chair back strength. The stabilizer bar can not be removed making the installation and correct fit of the sling very difficult. We highly recommend that you not attempt this type of installation at home. Here in our shops in Dallas, we have the proper tooling and the ability to adjust the sling size on the fly, allowing us to install these slings for our local Dallas Fort Worth customers.




As noted in our return policy during the checkout process, replacement slings are non returnable and non refundable due to the inability to install. Please inspect your chair or chaise to determine if it has a welded stabilizer bar or a removable one BEFORE your orders

Sling Rail Opening Is On The Side Or At The Back Of The Frame.


Chair Care Patio only makes sling for patio chairs and chaises where the opening of the sling rail is positioned at the front of the chair. Occasionally you will see sling furniture where the sling wraps around the side or to the back of the frame. These slings are very difficult to install for the homeowner. And, our measuring formula does NOT WORK for this style of chair. This furniture also has welded stabilizer bars at the back making EXTRA DIFFICULT to install. Please do not order slings for this style of furniture from our web site. They will not fit and you will NOT be able to get them installed. It takes a professional installer to complete this project. Here in Dallas, we have the tools and knowledge and the ability to adjust the width of the sling as we go to complete the installation. Our return policy clearly states that slings are non-returnable and non-refundable due to the inability to install. Please inspect the construction of your patio sling chair or chaise lounge prior to ordering. Here is an example of a chair with the sling rail opening to the side and not the front..


Note: If you have any questions please contact us before ordering. We have many years of expreience making and installing outdoor furniture slings. We want you to be happy with the products you buy from us.


Too Many Samples!

We love offering free fabric swatches to our customers.
However, they are expensive to make so we have a maximum limit of 8 samples per order.
Please remove samples from the cart to make sure you get the fabrics you want.
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