How To Clean Patio Sling Fabric and keep your sling fabric looking like new season after season.

Patio Sling Fabric Manufacturers are Phifer, Twitchell and Sunbrella. The following cleaning instructions can be used for any brand of patio sling fabric.

How To Clean Patio Sling Fabric

RULE NUMBER 1. You must follow the golden rule!

The cleaner you keep your patio sling chairs and chaises, the longer the sling fabric will last.


Follow the golden rule to keep your patio sling fabric clean and long lasting


Pollen, mold, dirt, dust, pollution, lawn chemicals, pet dander, body oils, suntan lotions, bird poop, dead bugs, dead leaves, wine, beer, squirrel spit, ketchup, cat barf, BBQ Sauce, worcestershire sauce, red sticky lollipops, dog drool, grandmas famous jello salad.... you get the drift.All of this and more could be just hanging out on your patio sling fabric at any given time. GROSS! ICK! Who wants to sit on that? In combination with the UV Rays of the sun, the dirt and oils can cause your sling fabric to stain permanently and excellerate the natural fading of the fabric. Fortunately, patio sling fabric is very durable and easy to keep clean. In fact, patio sling fabric is bleach cleanable! 

RULE NUMBER 2 - You're gonna have to get out there and clean your sling furniture yourself! The sling queen or your local fairy god mother is not going to magically appear in the middle of the night and POOF! clean your patio sling furniture for you. Get you cleaning tools ready and let's do this!

Clean you patio sling furniture often - Your fairy god mother is not your patio cleaning servent.

Cleaning your patio sling furniture is really simple.

All you need is some Simple Green (which we really like) as this product is a degreaser and will easily disolve tougher dirt and rinses away very easily. You can also use Clorox Cleanup, 409 or a similar product. For tough stains like red wine etc, you can use a mild bleach solution. Don't get carried away with the bleach. A little dab will do.

Use a soft scrub brush or sponge and work on the stained area. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. You can also use DAWN dish soap and a couple tablespoons of bleach in about a gallon of water. See the instructions below. Any of these products will work to keep your patio sling furniture fresh and clean.

Simple Green Is a great product to clean your patio sling furniture  409 Is a great product to clean your patio sling furniture  Clorox Clean Up is A great product to clean your patio sling furniture

No matter what product you use, you MUST RINSE THOROUGHLY! You don't want your guests or grands sitting on those cleaning chemicals.

How To Clean Your Patio Sling Fabric


Why Can't I Just Dip My Sling Chairs In The Pool To Clean Them? 


Don't clean your patio sling furniture in your pool

You could, but then you are putting all the nasty dirt and gross stuff in your pool! 

The other big issue with sling furniture fading is pool chlorine and chemicals. When you sit on your patio sling chairs or chaises after swimming in the pool, the chlorine or salts used to keep your pool clean are transfered to the sling fabric. While the fabric is durable and can tolerate this kind of use, over time, the UV Rays of the sun, in combination with the chlorine will assist and accelerate the fading of the fabric. After use, just give your patio sling chairs and chaises a quick rinse with clean water.

How Often Should I Clean My Patio Slings?

During the summer months, give your slings a deep cleaning every couple of weeks. Rinse your patio sling chairs and chaises with clean water as often as possible. Remember that pool chlorine or salt water can make your sling fabric deteriorate quicker.

If you put your sling furniture away during the winter, make sure to clean it thoroughly before storing. We don't want all the mold and polution festering on the surface of the fabric all winter long. Who knows what may be growing in an effort to take over the world.

I have not place to store my patio sling furniture during the winter. Can I leave it outside? 

Yes you can leave your outdoor furniture outside during the winter months. The rain, and snow doesn't really hurt the furniture, it's still the UV Rays of the sun. Even during the winter. So if possible, put a cover over your patio sling furniture. Not necessary, but it will extend the life of your patio chairs and chaises.


The moral of this story is....

 A Clean Castle Is A Happy Castle

Your Home Is Your Castle!!

Your Patio Is Part Of Your Castle.

A Clean Home Is A Happy Home!

A Clean Patio Sling is a Happy Patio Sling.

A Happy Patio Sling Makes a Patio Sling Furniture Owner Happy.

And When The Queen of The Castle Is Happy, Everyone is Happy!

When Everyone is Happy, You Can Have an Amazing Party on the Patio!

And Relax On Your Squeeky Clean Patio Sling Furniture.


Happy Patio Slings



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