Measure For Patio Slings

How To Measure Your Patio Furniture for New Replacement Slings.

Chair Care Patio makes replacement slings for most any brand of better quality outdoor patio furniture. If you have sling style furniture made by Winston, Woodard, Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Mallin, Agio, Telescope and more, then you know that your paid good money for quality outdoor sling furniture. No need to toss it away or send it to the landfill just because your fabric slings are worn and faded. Chair Care Patio can make a new replacement sling and show you how to measure the frame and install you new patio fabric sling. REPAIR REPLACE AND SAVE!

Follow along with our detailed instructions on how to measure for new patio furniture replacement slings in this section. All replacement slings are based on measurements from the patio chair or chaise lounge frame. No need for an original part number or model number. Just follow our instructions, measure your frame with the old sling tightly installed, place your order online and we will make a new replacement sling to fit your chair.


Do not remove the old sling from the frame. Do not measure your old sling. Your new sling will not fit. Measure your old sling tightly installed on the frame. We want you to measure the frame, not the fabric. If we you measure the frame, the new sling will fit!!! Based on your measurements, we add what is needed for fabric inside the sling rail and hems. 

View our online instructions or print this PDF with instructions on how to measure a patio chair and chaise lounge. Record your measurements, document your fabric choice and keep the information for future orders.

How To Measure For New Patio Slings - PDF DOCUMENT

If you need assistance with measuring, please contact us. We are glad to help.

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Measure One Piece Chair Sling

We sell slings for just about any type or brand of outdoor furniture. We can do this because we make each sling to your exact measurements. We do this because we have found that this is the only way to ensure a perfect fit, every time. Just follow the directions below and use your results to place your order.

Measure Chaise Lounge For Replacement Sling

All of our two piece chaise lounge replacement slings we produce are made to customer specifications. Due to this fact, chaise lounge sling measurements need to be taken by the customer as accurately as possible. These instructions will provide you with the necessary details on how to take an accurate measurement of your outdoor patio furniture.