Homecrest® Padded Slings

Homecrest® Replacement Padded Slings
If you have Homecrest outdoor furniture with padded slings, then you have a really great quality piece of outdoor furniture that is still made in the USA. Homecrest chairs and chaise lounges with padded slings are so comfortable to sit in, you’ll want to bring that chair inside and place it in front of your television. Homecrest outdoor furniture is one of the top brands of outdoor patio furniture. Why buy new or put your Homecrest padded sling furniture to the curb when you can give it a fresh new look with new padded slings? We make replacement padded slings for a majority of the Homecrest furniture models made over the last 30 years. Homecrest replacement padded slings are ordered by part number and not by measurements. The key to ordering is determining the correct Homecrest replacement sling part number to order. If you would like to order NON padded slings instead of padded slings, it is likely possible. Please call our office and we'll help you sort out availability and the correct part number to order. We provide a Homecrest padded sling installation tool free of charge with every Homecrest style replacement sling order. Our website also includes basic installation instructions for most Homecrest outdoor furniture models, which walks you through the installation of Homecrest padded slings. Please see our resource materials below to help you identify your Homecrest patio furniture and necessary parts. Please check our turn times as it can take several weeks to make your Homecrest padded slings depending of the time of year and volume of work in the shop. We do not stock custom-made Homecrest cushions or slings. Each cushion or sling is custom made to your specifications at our Dallas, Texas facility.

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